Advanced Technology

Precision Dentistry (LOUPES)

When you seek care at our office, you are assured that Dr. Burns and staff utilize the latest in technology to enhance the quality and fit for your dental care. Dr Segovia uses dental loupes that aid in visualizing in detail the preparation of dental restorations. You just can’t fulfill that level of care with the naked eye.

Electric hand pieces (Drills)

There are basically two types of handpieces, air-driven and electric. Most dentists use air-driven hand-pieces. While acceptable for many procedures, these “whiney sounding” air-powered hand pieces all have a degree of non-concentricity; they do not rotate perfectly smoothly. This can create an uncomfortable vibration and a pitchy noise.  

In our office, we use electric hand-pieces. This results in extraordinarily precise interfaces between your tooth and your new restoration (dental crown, tooth veneer, or tooth filling). This will bring more comfort to you as well. With a more precise tool, there is less vibration and less noise. Electric handpieces are much stronger than air-driven due to the fact that a motor is spinning the cutting instrument (bur) as opposed to air. This allows the doctor to remove decay at a faster pace. This will cut down on the time it takes to complete a procedure.

Intraoral Camera

Dr. Burns utilizes Intraoral Camera technology that helps enhance your understanding of her diagnosis. An Intraoral Camera is a very small camera – in some cases, just a few millimeters long. It allows the doctor to view clear, precise images of the mouth, teeth and gums, that aid making a diagnosis. With clear, defined, enlarged images, we see details that may be missed by standard mirror examinations. The camera gives us the ability to view the entire mouth on a monitor so that we can get a closer look at any potential issues or problems that may arise. In addition, the patient will have the ability to see for themselves first hand the same images we are seeing. These digital images are also excellent for gaining procedure acceptance from insurance companies. 

Intraoral cameras also enable our practice to save your images in our office computer to provide a permanent record of treatments. These images can be printed for you, other specialists, and your lab or insurance companies.

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